Buy, Sell, Build, or Rent... We're All You Need!

When you make the major decision to Buy, Sell, Build, or Rent, it's important that you have Confidence in your Real Estate Professional.  

Get the "ADVANTAGES" of Advantage Realty Group, Inc and Licensed Professional's ready to assist you.


We are a full service real estate company!

  Residential Property:  Existing and new construction Sales and Purchases including all services for            selling  your existing home or finding your new home

  Rental Properties: Representing the owners, locating tenants, and providing all rental services

  Commercial Property:  Analysis, Sales and Purchases

    We operate with the highest levels of integrity and service.

    We bring a level of knowledge, experience, commitment, and high standards to answer all of your                       real estate needs and get you results.
    We reduce the complexities and stress of buying, building, selling or renting.

To Buy, Sell, Build or Rent a house are simple ideas, but can become complex, very quickly.  Advantage Realty Group knows that what is simple isn't always easy, BUT what is complex doesn't have to be hard.

         Through our expertise and personal services, we can assist and lead you through these complex procedures, protecting your investment and reducing your stress.

So whether you are moving across town or across the country in search of your new home or rental unit, whether you're selling your home or would like to rent your home, we can get results for you.

We'll find the house in the Sumter or Shaw Air Force Base areas that will become YOUR HOME, either through ownership or renting, and become your Realtor® for life.